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  2. FrostyFeet82

    UW Seattle BSN Fall 2021

  3. queenrus

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Hi! Definitely apply if the application is still open. Regarding the outstanding prerequisites, that's not an issue. You will just need to complete the course and have the transcript ready by the time the fall semester starts. Admissions take a holistic approach to the review of your application so I wouldn't be concerned about your age. GPA minimum is 3.0 so you meet that. I recall at some of the information sessions that the avg admitted GPA is about 3.5. My only suggestion would be to ensure that your personal statement is written with heart and that you find things to talk about that really show why you want to be a nurse. And of course ensure grammar is impeccable. Read your statement like 10 times and ask someone to review it. What state are you in? I don't have super current knowledge on the program but acceptance into the program relies partially on where you live. I would definitely reach out to nursingquestions@emory.edu and let them know where you live. Inquire if they would be able to have clinicals near your city. Good luck. I got accepted into Emory's MN program but declined because of an offer from another school. My husband didn't really want to move to Georgia apparently.
  4. CKrossCCRN

    Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    I heard the same.
  5. Kayla Weaver

    SCSU ACE Summer 2021

    Hi all! I applied as well. Super anxious! Goodluck to everyone :)
  6. Cyla

    AVC Fall 2021

    I only applied to avc. Thinking applying elsewhere is a good idea
  7. NurseKaty

    Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    I went to the open house last week. The program director said that people have been selected to move to the phase 2 interviews and they would be doing them in March. If I’m not mistaken I believe he said March 11 and 18th with other dates but those two stuck out. One of my coworkers who works with me said she heard from a CRNA who works with the director that Laura Gasparis the CCRN review lady would be sitting on the committee. That is so amazing! FINGERS CROSSED!!
  8. PsychNurse24

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    Hello, as a fellow introvert, I understand! I am one of the few people I know who has enjoyed staying home during this pandemic! One of the best books I’ve ever read in my life is called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain. In fact I’m not sure where my copy has gone, so I’m going to order another one.
  9. PsychNurse24

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    Having worked in a county inpatient psych unit for about 10 years total, I am sorry to say that sometimes I become cynical. We frequently see the same people over and over who are medication noncompliant, who continue to use substances, who don’t make therapist or psychiatrist appointments etc. Now I know that mental health illnesses are chronic and recurrent. So on the fairly in frequent days when I start feeling cynical, I remind myself that these are real people with real problems and real feelings who struggle every hour of the day. And that as a nurse I am not to think about how I am feeling, but to concentrate on the patient.
  10. Chi000

    Sam Houston State University Fall 2021

    I made one early but all nurses deleted the link. I don’t know the right way to place it on here. do you have any idea how I can place it on here?
  11. kat524

    Linfield ABSN Summer 2021

    I don't have any tangible info to provide but I have heard from some previous Linfield students that everyone is offered a transfer scholarship at Linfield which brings the price down to be competitive with OHSU. Not sure on exact amounts but I thought that was encouraging information!
  12. kat524

    Linfield ABSN Summer 2021

    Thank you! Yours are as well ?? I'm from Oregon, yep! Did you apply to any other programs like OHSU? That's the other one I applied to and I'm hoping one will workout or I'll try for Linfield Spring 2022. Ugh I feel like April 1 is agesss away!
  13. furtureRNash03

    University of Alberta After Degree Program Fall 2021

    I have also heard competitive aGPA is around 3.5, so you can get in with a 3.9 or you could get in with a 3.4, just depends on the year. But, I did hear that GPA is like 70% and casper is worth 30%. So not as heavily weighted, but they brought it into applications for a reason so it will be worth something
  14. This topic is very strange, like many of OP’s threads.
  15. NightNerd

    The Motivator

    It's pitiful, but sometimes the best motivation is knowing that even when everything sucks at work and in life, I'm working toward something that sucks less. For example, I hate everything right now because work has been utterly wretched lately, and between shifts I'm juggling my MSN coursework and my final clinical placement, which has been overwhelming. Knowing that this is my last semester of school EVER, *if* I get up and get things done, and that I'll have my MSN to bolster my resume when I finally throw in the towel at the bedside, is my own personal Motivator.
  16. DMT_

    University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    I think it does. But if there are delays for any reason and they kick back your app, IDK that they will count it as submitting before the 3/1 deadline. NursingCAS says “to avoid potential delays, ensure we receive all materials at least FOUR weeks prior to your earliest program deadline”
  17. Today
  18. Davey Do

    The Motivator

    We all need something that makes us wake up and give the dawn of our new day a great big ole Cosmic Howdy. Now that I'm retired, I don't need something to get me motivated, I'm already there. But there were days in the past, when I saw Monday come dawning, the world woke up yawning, and Friday seemed so far away. I looked forward to Friday. TGIF. What kept me going all those years? Well, of course if I wanted to get what I wanted and/or needed; I had to work in order to pay my way. Our jobs as Nurses are stressful. I chose to become a Nurse because the work was interesting, the pay was pretty good, it was a sturdy profession, and I could see myself as a contributing member of society. But that's not what always motivated me for a good portion of my career. There were days when the fear of going to work was outweighed only by the fear of what might happen if I didn't go to work, and that's what motivated me. Sometimes I needed to use a little assistive device that I made, powered by a combustible engine, called The Motivator: The Motivator assisted me in in overcoming the hardest thing to get, which was going. Do you have your very own Motivator that gets you going?
  19. NightNerd

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    Dude. Dude. I get the sense you're saying this tongue-in-cheek, which, fine, I get it, I love me some Diet Pepsi too and consider it a workday essential. But just buy a couple six packs on your day off - which you can do because you won't be running the place from afar on weekends because you're not taking their phone calls when you're not on call anymore, right? Same with your candy of choice. It'll save you money and you can stress about important stuff instead running out of snacks! Also, please, I'm begging you, drink some water. Like I said, I love my diet sodas, but there is nothing like cold water when you've been running around crazy in isolation gear all day. If you hate it plain, get those little flavor powder things. Nourishment is not primarily about what tastes good. Especially at work, we need to eat and drink to fuel ourselves through the shift; it doesn't have to be delicious. You need to drink some water at work. To answer your question, no, I have never witnessed regular competition at the vending machine, in any place I've worked. Some people always buy lunch and snacks at work, some religiously pack food, and the rest of us switch it up. There is always plenty of food and beverages, and no one takes the entire stash of everything in one go. For my favorite food options for work, I am trying to be better about bringing lunch due to the expense, and I'm having some decent success. My boyfriend and I make two or three meals each week and I bring the leftovers; it's always something easy to reheat and has at least some veggies and protein so I feel like I'm doing something good for myself. I also bring *one* 20 oz Diet Pepsi, which I'll drink when I eat lunch mid-day, and my reusable water bottle as beverages, and toss a small amount of my dessert craving of the week in my bag. Sometimes it's those Keebler rainbow cookies because sometimes you just need a childhood favorite; sometimes a couple fun-size candy bars; whatever. All this to say - grocery stores, a little light meal planning, and some reasonable boundaries with yourself are good things!
  20. axsangha

    UBC 2021

    Hi everyone! For the first question of the last section, did you guys write a response that was close to the max character limit? I feel like my answer is too short but I'm not sure what else to add.
  21. Katelyn Davis

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    Wow! How early in advance do you know your clinical schedule?
  22. scrn98

    Switching ABSN program to increase chances for CRNA

    I think it depends. For one, leaving a current program and seeking acceptance in another program may be difficult and probably doesn’t look the best on an application. What is the exact reasoning for the dropout rate and the difficult with earning higher grades? Is it the the difficulty of the classes and how the professors teach, or something else?
  23. LibraNurse27

    how to start IVs in the hand

    LOL! I hope so! I am worried because by the end of my time in the hospital I was doing most of my IVs with the ultrasound (lot of IV drug users in our pt population). I wasn't the best like was good as the IV/PICC team, but they always said that's what they do all day, every day! Hopefully once a week will be enough to get good LOL thanks again!
  24. LibraNurse27

    how to start IVs in the hand

    Thank you! I will try the fist and positioning techniques. They don't have hot packs but they do have warm blankets so I will wrap the arm in a warm blanket while I do the pre-op questions and eye drops (eye surgery clinic = )) Thank you so much! I'm nervous because some days I need to do 22 IVs in a row! The job is otherwise low stress so I'd like to keep it, but I know my IV skills need to be up to par. Confidence is key! Thanks again.
  25. Shamrock1145

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    My mistake, seems to just be a recurring theme within threads on this specific topic. Maybe address the following statement you made, “I ?thought we were discussing the viability of our current educational model for NP's which has brought the standards to new lows.?” Specifically, “to new lows”.
  26. jdg123

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    Hello! Just checking to see what people thought of that orientation! It was exciting to finally get some information. I was mildly disappointed that they didn’t bring up funding at all. Some of my other programs said they had people who specifically work to make sure that you can figure out what type of loans to apply for. I contacted financial aid to ask about award letters and they said they send them out may 1st. That doesn’t give anyone any time to apply for private loans!
  27. Well, if what you do with your check isn't my business, then why did you tell us what you did with it? I really don't care if you bank it, spend it, or burn it in your fireplace. Truth be told, the money should have gone to mask manufacturing, a national testing plan, supporting data collection for public health, making schools safer, and to support those who either lost their job or had to stay home.
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