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  1. oceangirl1234

    Master of Nursing and Salary

    Thank you @Rose_Queen for the information!
  2. oceangirl1234

    Master of Nursing and Salary

    I am currently completing my master of nursing (generalist) for right now. I am debating specializing in nurse research...but I am curious to hear of anyone's experience in this area. Of course if I am spending a good chunk of money to go back to school, I would like the degree to be worth it financially. Thanks for any input!
  3. oceangirl1234

    Athabasca University

    Hi! I am looking into doing the General Master's of Nursing degree at Athabasca University. My goal is to get into the research field. I am interested in it as it is an online school, and I move quite frequently across the country. I am just wondering if any one has any experience with this university and/or program? I emailed an advisor to ask about jobs that previous graduates have gotten, but was informed that "they don't keep those statistics." Kind of threw me off a bit, and now I am second guessing.
  4. oceangirl1234

    Oxygen therapy

    I work acute care (surgical)-if needed we just put the O2 on. If they are not maintaining their sats, then we page RT to come assess and the docs as well.
  5. oceangirl1234

    Gave medications too early is this an error?

    Yes. As people have already pointed out, incident reports exist to identify patient safety issues. Which this definitely is.
  6. oceangirl1234

    Switching to night shift sleep schedule

    The night before I start my twelve hour nights I will stay up until about 3 am and sleep until 11 am. Then I have a nap from about 2-4 pm. I use my black out blinds, white noise machine, and make sure my phone is on silent.
  7. oceangirl1234

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    On day shifts I take the bus ($2) so I don't pay the $16 rate. On night shifts I take the car (as it is also $2).
  8. oceangirl1234

    How to Support the Next Nursing Generation: The Z's

    Every generation has desirable and undesirable traits if we all wanted to nit pick. This article fosters bad attitudes towards newer nurses.
  9. oceangirl1234

    Not just a waitress

    Thank you for the replies and great advice everyone!
  10. oceangirl1234

    Not just a waitress

    Hi everyone! Quick rant (that has most likely been vented about before). Had a post-op patient on the floor the other day. She rang her call bell and asked for some water, to which I went and got some. I entered the room with a smile and handed her her water, and her husband said: "Ahhhh, here's your lovely waitress." I didn't acknowledge his comment, simply lifted the corners of my lips to try to hide the unamused shock that I am sure was on my face. He must have realized what he said, because he apologized about twenty seconds later saying "I am so sorry. I don't know why I just downplayed your profession, I am just nervous." I said "that's okay" and left the room...I feel bad because I understand the anxiety of family members after their loved one has had surgery. But after running around on my feet for ten hours, I just couldn't find the energy to even respond to him. I keep replaying this one minute experience in my head, and I can't tell if I feel guilty for not validating his apology more, or if I am annoyed with his perception of a nurse.
  11. I don't understand this comment. I have never fainted (yet), and I am doing just fine...some might even say I "get it."
  12. oceangirl1234

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    I work on a RN and LPN unit, no aides. I do my own chemstrips, vitals, bed baths, etc. It's just a part of my shift now, though.
  13. oceangirl1234

    Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

    It blows my mind that I have to get another nurse to witness my one whole unit of correction insulin. Such a waste of time. To OP, what a horrible attitude, I hope you are not like that with your patients.
  14. oceangirl1234

    What nursing specialties do you admire most?

    Hmmmm....paediatric oncology nurses.
  15. oceangirl1234

    What's Your Longest Lasting PIV?

    I should clarify, on my unit we definitely keep it as long as it lasts. BUT I know for a fact I have not seen a PIV last 40 days, and at that point, a PICC should definitely be considered.
  16. oceangirl1234

    What's Your Longest Lasting PIV?

    Never seen one last that long. Policy is something like they need to be changed every three days due to increased risk of infection. When they aren't in use, I don't think a lot of my co-workers flush them every shift, so they don't last. 40 days though? I don't feel comfortable with that length of time...