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Nurse Manager for Rehab Facility. Graduate Student.

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SilverBells has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Rehab/Nurse Manager.

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  1. SilverBells

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    Not fictional at all. My body is dependent on regular consumption of Diet Pepsi and it appears my coworkers may have the same problem due to our vending machines running out of Pepsi quickly. I was just wondering if there were other nurses or nursing units who have the same problem
  2. SilverBells

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    Problem is, by not letting the vending machine company come in more than one time a week, we run the risk of running out of Diet Pepsi. Horrible will not even describe the day that there is only water left to drink.
  3. SilverBells

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    She cited COVID restrictions and that there was no need for them to come in more than once a week
  4. SilverBells

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    I was scolded by the DON for requesting that the vending company come in twice a week versus just once ??
  5. At my workplace we have two vending machines in our breakroom: one for pop, one for snacks. We do not have a cafeteria and our vending machines are only filled once a week. Thus, our pop and snacks go pretty fast. There also seem to be favorites that are bought out faster including Diet Pepsi and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. For example, our vending machine was filled on Tuesday this week and by Friday, all 10 packages of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were gone along with all 40+ bottles of Diet Pepsi. Thus, if you are wanting any Diet Pepsi or Peanut Butter Cups, you probably should head to the vending machines as soon as possible. Therefore, there was one day that I went down to the breakroom quick to stock up on Diet Pepsi's--three of them to be exact since the vending machine will not let you purchase more than that at once. There was a coworker behind me who saw how much Diet Pepsi I was buying and her eyes were big and wide as she watched me buy my Pepsi. I am not sure if she was surprised by the number of pops I was buying, but I do wonder if she was hoping that I hadn't bought all of them since she bought one for herself after I left. Anyway, I know of others who stock up on favorites as well, so it is no surprise that some items go faster than others. Due to the stress and nature of our work, we all depend on having these beverages and snacks available. Has anyone else noticed a "competitive" atmosphere when it comes to buying snacks at work? Do you have favorite snacks at work? What are your go-to's for snacks when your favorites are no longer available?
  6. Too bad I missed this survey. I daily consume excessive amounts of caffeine so could have greatly contributed. For example, I worked 5 days this work and drank at least 6 Diet Pepsi's but could have been 9 or more. I believe I may have drank 12 in one day. Thus, it's likely I consumed anywhere between 30 and 45 bottles of Diet Pepsi this week, if not more.
  7. Not sure if MDS Coordinator would be something for me to look into or not. I took a couple of online modules on it, and while it is a lot of information, it seems like something that I may be able to catch on to. Our MDS Coordinator is also not responsible for staffing, patient grievances, or filling in on the floor. Problem is, any jobs for this or chart auditing seem to require previous experience, which I obviously don't have. Anyone more familiar with these roles please advise, thank you.
  8. One thing I have thought of is looking for some type of job revolving around chart auditing. I feel like this would be something that I would probably be good at and could possibly accommodate my preferences for not being on call, not being responsible for staffing, not being expected to fill in on the floor for call-ins, not having to spend considerable amount of time addressing family/patient grievances or attending care conferences, and maybe even allow me to work evening hours, which is when I do my best work.
  9. I will say that if being on-call ever does become an expectation of my current position, I will have no choice but to resign and return to a floor nurse position.
  10. Our DON will be returning in less than 2 weeks so it might just be smarter to wait and make changes when she gets back. We only have one more weekend to get through after this. The reason that there was always coverage for phone calls on the weekend was that our former/returning DON always took them so it wasn't an issue. Her being gone is the major reason there's not much for coverage on the weekend as the Interim DON doesn't seem to be interested in actually being a DON, delegates as much as possible, and takes more days off in a month than the other one did in an entire year. I do agree that better boundaries need to be set. I'm just not sure that any radical changes should be made at this point since this DON is not going to be around much longer anyway.
  11. SilverBells

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    I would say probably everything about nursing was the "hardest" for me to learn. Except for writing excellent progress notes and completing documentation, there is absolutely nothing about nursing that comes naturally to me, whether it is learning a new hands-on skill to calming down an agitated/angry/anxious patient or family member. Almost anything and everything about work has the potential to cause me stress and usually does. When I have the option to spend all day in bed on Saturdays and Sundays, that is usually my choice of activity as I need time to recover from the distress that being a nurse causes me.
  12. SilverBells

    When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    Thank you! This was very helpful ??
  13. Thank you. However, there are no designated supervisors for the evenings or weekend so people call whoever they are able to reach. Technically, if they should be reaching anyone it should be the DON, but she usually defaults any concerns to me or the other manager. So there's no good, established chain of command for off-hours. As another poster mentioned, this needs to be fixed. At the same time, our former DON will be returning who did a much better job ensuring coverage for weekends/off hours so hopefully things will return back to normal in a couple weeks when she comes back.
  14. Thank you for the honest feedback. I realize that by posting on the Internet that not all comments I receive will be praising everything that I do, so I'm not offended at all by any of your remarks. I don't necessarily see myself as a savior, but can see why others might perceive me as having this attitude. I am not a hero by any means. It's also possible I don't give my coworkers the credit they deserve, although I would like to think I do. Anyway, I feel you are right to question my role in management. I also do this myself. Without downgrading myself too much, I will say I was probably promoted to this position because I did well in my former role and had more seniority over most of the other units, rather than for possessing any natural leadership charactetistics. I've also managed to keep this role because I've been willing to do it. There is actually an individual at work who is probably more natural as a manager but has consistently declined to be promoted to a supervisory position. With that said, it's my first time in any type of a supervisory role, so that could be contributing to all of my questions. To me, I felt that this thread was addressing a different concern than my previous threads, but looking back, I can see how some might think it's a repeat of what has already been said. At the same time, only a bit more time will tell whether or not my deficiencies are due to simply being an inexperienced supervisor or just not the right person for the role. I'm not sure which it is at this point, but can see either one of them possibly being accurate.
  15. For those of you who are in a managerial or supervisory role at work, do you answer work phone calls on your days off, even when you are not on call? In my role, I work Monday through Friday anywhere from 8-20 hours a day (usually ends up being 16-20). I am not designated as the weekend nurse manager or supervisor. Yet today, my phone was blown up with calls and text messages from nursing staff wanting assistance with call-ins, how to deal with a fall, and how to handle a verbally abusive patient. I slept in late this morning, so missed any opportunity to 'assist' with any call-ins. I simply ignored that text message since it was already too late in the day to do anything about. Later, I got a text message from a nurse wanting to know the steps to take after a fall. Although this nurse has worked at the facility for awhile, they had a question as to who should be contacted. I had no problem answering this question. After this, I was hoping that any contact from work would end for the day but instead at dinner time, I was called because a patient was being verbally abusive to the point that some of the nursing assistants were too upset to work with her. I really wanted nothing to do with this drama, as it is nothing new, it was my day off to be free from this nonsense, and I am technically not the manager overseeing the care of this abusive individual. Yet, I felt guilty by not responding, so I ended up calling back and spoke with the concerned nurse about possible solutions. I also did recommend calling my colleague/co-manager to see if she had any suggestions since she knows this patient better. The thing is, all of this communication from work stressed me out on a day that I was supposed to have to myself and work on other things, or just relax for once. I was also not hired to work on weekends or to be on call. My pay/salary does not include compensation for on-call duties since it was not in my original job description. Yet, it seems as if the facility/staff members expects that I am available at any time, any day of the week even though I am not the DON and therefore, not responsible for the facility 24/7. I really don't mind answering questions or helping out every once in a while, but my work weeks are already long enough without having to be pestered on my days off as well. Anyone else have experience with this?
  16. Thank you. That's what others have told me as well. It makes sense, I just worry that by the time I am done with school, it will no longer be possible to have babies