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londonflo has 44 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. londonflo

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    Have you thought about the cost of living in California?
  2. londonflo

    UIC Fall 2021 BSN Program

    What about the UIC program in Springfield, Illinois? Same curriculum. lots of students who don't make it into UIC, do the same program in Springfield. Cost of living is cheaper too
  3. londonflo

    Back surgery during nursing school

    What if a patient starts to fall...can you lower them to the floor? Put your health first...nursing school will still be there.
  4. londonflo

    Licensure issues

    On 4/2019 or 2/4/20? Glad you have a lawyer on board. He/she should be able to guide you at the outcome of this complaint.
  5. londonflo

    Licensure issues

    I can't understand the time line. What were you fired for?
  6. londonflo

    Easy Win-Wins to Impress Your Clinical Instructor

    PLease provide the web site. The only law suit was for financial aid fraud and did not involve the California Nursing Board. If you have another, please cite it.
  7. Why get mad?at me? Nursing school is going to be a long 4 years with your attitude that you know more. I like students I have been?very willing to help them. But I will not defer to you? with a CNA's knowledge, not matter how argumentally? given when it isn't correct.I??am sure you know that infectious disease is a very complex and mysterious field of study. Hold that thought because if you open your mouth to?say otherwise to an infectious disease specialist or a resident you will be someone's BBQ dinner after raking you over the coals. You want to learn, right? Listen, read and learn. At the present time your knowledge is limited but if you play your cards right, you will learn/.

  8. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    If you have read any of my comments here, I am always wondering why these types of remedial education exist If a student has met the objectives of a program. I guess (?) I am glad they exist but I wonder about the real world application for graduates of questions asking for priority assessments etc, I have felt confident in the education my college(s) provided that students would meet minimal competency. I have tutored students that failed, reviewing the NCLEX print out and all passed on the next test. Of the programs I taught in, we did not rely on these review programs to judge the knowledge of our graduating students. There are many measures available for colleges to evaluate the knowledge gained in their graduating class. Mountain Measurement is is very expensive service that details how your graduates did on certain measures of the NLCEX. Probably Alverno subscribes to this service. In addition each faculty had to review the ATI testing results (which we used) of their content. Some programs use other subject tests or maybe none to evaluate their curriculum. These may be very threatening to some new educators but they are a good learning experience. I have always respected Alverno but have developed some hesitancy in applauding where they and other nursing programs are going.
  9. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    While I am heaping criticism on Alverno here, I do have faith in their mission and practice in nursing education. Your cohort really hit an educational system at a time that has its hands tied in providing classroom and clinical experiences. I wish you all the best, and do know those of in education understand how difficult it is for you (or atleast we think we know)
  10. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    Their acceptance for credit in many colleges is very limited, but I am glad you cited the programs that do accept them. I am not 'knocking them' just stating what I see are problems in higher education. I have taught both Pharm and Patho in several colleges and I have assisted many to know the underlying education (poor foundation) they lack. But regardless, these students have spent money and time trying to acquire a foundational education to build on. Can I add the structure (in a tutoring session or a series of sessions) they will need to understand how an organ failure effects the body and the necessary changes in diet and medications (surgery or more) needed to promote or regain health? While an entrance exam will help, the requirements needed to build the professional knowledge and practice on are vital. A program cannot start on a 'fact finding' mission to figure out who has the foundational knowledge to acquire a knowledge of a profession and indeed practice it. As I said, I had a great deal of respect for Alverno. I just can't understand the actions and directions they are taking.
  11. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I have extensive experience in B& M institutions and online course work. Would you say a college accepting these credits from a Straighter line, etc, "implements a screening test to verify acquisiton of knowledge?" Cite that please. Online courses are not 'de facto". If so we would not have any Bricks and Mortar colleges. Actually this happens more in online courses.
  12. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    I am so sad to read this as I had always heard positive things about Alverno when I lived in Milwaukee. Is the only mode of teaching an online lecture? Do you go into class at all in these Covid times. How can you learn different points of view when you only hear one via a text? When I was teaching I always was held accountable to use 3 resources in topics presented and valued this. BTW I always have respected Alverno but knowing they take pre-reqs from some questionable online only institutions makes me wonder how they are building on those concepts and delivering a nursing understanding. The ability to read and digest chapters and whole books without application to a field of study worries me. Rapid reading is something that many of us are capable of. .I too can read a textbook in record time but how can I know I am applying it to my field of study? The thought that I can move on to a midlevel healthcare provider role after a DEMSN program makes me wonder what qualifications we hold vital in a provider and what is their true frame of reference when assisting a patient who has experienced the health care system (been in patient, outpatient etc) while the care provider is ignorant of the total health care systems, besides insurance reimbursement and the necessary time (visit) and documentation requirements associated with full reimbursement. The experiences of mental health patients are varied and may show a distrust of the total system. Seeing them in an office setting will not help with explaining what the patient has experienced first hand. From the tone of this you can see I am angry when the 'lived experience' of a patient is discounted by the elimination of the provider's experience with what a patient has endured. From early on I had been happy to be seen by NPs as I respected their experience and knowledge. Now I realize I don't want to be seen by a provider who "took a short cut" to a professional role. Do they understand my journey? My complaints here are not limited to Alverno. Any Walden, UOP, for profit and profit fits the is bill.
  13. londonflo

    Alverno DEMSN 2021

    You may or not be aware that oncology patients' immune systems may be effected by the chemotherapy used to halt cancer cell division -- meaning some patients have a WBC of 0.00. That being said, in oncology we are alert and act on the infectious agents a patient may experience who is neutropenic. We have instituted stategies that prevent COMMON infections. If we imagined our patients would be exposed to all the infections that occur on the planet in underdeveloped countries, we would be paralized to provide daily care with out hazmat suits. I do understand you are a novice in terms of health care but you do need to think in the 'real world picture' to plan and deliver care. Living in the world of reality will help when you start planning care for your patients. BTW we do have our own ICU to prevent our patients from encountering the infections from patients who are non-compromised but harbor normal flora and the common hospital infections.
  14. so go out and do what ever you want, after we will all encounter (the) death (penalty) in one way or another.
  15. londonflo

    Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    I am retired but would like to get back into teaching. I have some online teaching experience. May I ask what state your college is in?
  16. londonflo

    Math competency failed!!

    Congratulations on your hardwork! Have a great weekend knowing you did it!