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    ICU time management

    Hi! I’m an ICU float now at new establishment. I am not happy about that but I am stuck here due to family dynamics etc. Each unit is run soooooo different and so it pt population , neuro vs ecmo, vs msicu vs CVICU. I’m having a hard time with time management. I’m night shift so baths are included. How do u balance 2 pt assignment? I like to get report eyeball pt ( A line, pumps at said rates) then Dayshift leaves I get into assessment and always find myself struggling with untwisting tubing n lines or finding something that needs sorting. Now I grab meds and by time given.... like when am I supposed to chart? I try to chart vs and I/o hourly. But this hospital wants assessment/skin/IV/adl charted Q2. I find myself being behind and not stopping to ever have time to read progress notes. I’m making myself ill from the stress. Any advice appreciated.