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  1. Should a pre-nursing student get a nursing related job to increase future nursing job prospects? I am taking my nursing pre-requisites right now for ABSN program. I already have a Bachelors degree. I am wondering if I should start working or volunteering now so I can be a good job candidate for RN jobs after I graduate and become a nurse. I don't have any nursing-related jobs on my resume right now. I also plan on becoming a CRNA. Please advise. Thank you!
  2. I am a pre-nursing student wanting to go into nursing school this year or next. I have finished most of my pre-requisites and also have a bachelor's degree in biology. Are there any downsides into going into nursing school right now amidst the COVID pandemic? I would like to start working as a nurse right out of nursing school. Becoming a nurse is my goal but I am just concerned about whether COVID will impact anything. Is nursing school run normally in hospitals now since we have the COVID vaccine or are all classes online? Thank you!