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Curious1alwys has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Curious1alwys

    Getting Bored

    I'm not sure if I am having a mid life crisis or what. Did you ever get bored in your current job? Bored isn't really the right word because I don't really think you can ever get bored in nursing, but I guess I just feel restless? Like looking for deeper meaning, what do I want to do for the rest of my life, is this it?, blah blah. I just want something else. But I have no idea what that something really is. Not necessarily out of nursing, but new niche? I've only been at this job 4.5 years! Ever feel this way? What did you do? Did you make a switch at that point? Just try something else out for a while, random job applications to different specialties? How did it work out?
  2. Curious1alwys

    Don't want to save people/rusty skills

    Hi all, Please no hate here because my heart is in the right place. Can a nurse work as a caregiver? Like odd jobs, like care.com? Unsure about the liability here. ? I don't want high acuity. I don't want to work cardiac. I love helping people but due to my work history, my clinical skills are very rusty and I have the now accompanying anxiety. I also have sciatica now (2 years) so not sure I can sit all day in a non bedside job. I also need pretty extreme scheduling flexibility due to child care/home issues and my husband's job. Just trying to figure out where I can go from here as an RN, if at all. Any ideas/insight? I've applied for substitute teacher jobs so far. Thank you!
  3. Curious1alwys

    Don’t want to take care of people anymore...

    Thank you all for the feedback. ??
  4. Curious1alwys

    Time off in between jobs?

    How bad is it to have a break in between jobs? Did anyone successfully take 6 months-ish off and was able to still find work? How big of a deal was the time off to the next employer?
  5. I don’t want to take care of people anymore. I want to help them (directly in some way) but I don’t want to be responsible for saving them (life or death). Where can I go as a nurse or do I need to just switch careers altogether? Thank you!
  6. Curious1alwys

    Extreme anxiety no longer want to be a nurse

    Reading these posts, it's so easy to see that if you are not the most mentally healthy person in the world, with any history of anxiety or depression, nursing will wreck you. If it doesn't, it took a lot of meds or personal work. I think only the strongest survive, and sometimes it's just healthier to get out, especially if it keeps interfering with your family life/relationships, etc. I FULLY know where you are coming from. The comment about 7 years competency was jaw-dropping. I can't imagine feeling intense anxiety every shift for 7 years, all the while just HOPING it would get better for me. I love helping people and my heart is definitely in the right place, but the actual choice of being a nurse probably wasn't the best one for me, either.
  7. Curious1alwys

    Where Are All The STEMIs?

    WOW!, interesting. Until all the out of shape people get back on the exertion bandwagon after the crisis and POW!, here they come. I think in general Covid is not looking good for the heart.
  8. Curious1alwys

    Covid-19: The Guilt of the Work From Home Nurse

    That's like the guilt you feel when you've left bedside for some time and you feel like you miss it. It's not real. ????
  9. Curious1alwys

    Where do I go from here?

    If you realized about you that you have horrible performance anxiety when it comes to nursing skills (and therefore suck at most of them), don't want to take care of people anymore (life or death responsibility-I run from codes ugh), don't enjoy dealing with doctors but LOVE LOVE LOVE helping people and providing information that is considered your specialty.............where would you go with your career? I have a BSN. Wondering where I could go for this even if it was outside of nursing. You know, the perfect fit. I tried, I did. But I just don't think the hands on part of nursing is for me. Thank you for your insight.
  10. Curious1alwys

    Lvad patient in cardiac rehab

    So we are getting many more LVAD's as well. When I have a patient come in I like to learn as much as I can about their specific device, of course. I always write the hotline number on their chart in bold so we know where to go for resource. But I wandered off and found these really cool YouTube videos about LVAD's from a medical student or doctor....didn't spend much time looking at who he was because the videos are very simple and informative. Break down LVAD's and even more important, emergency management, nicely. Check them out! Part 1 and 2. As far as policies/protocols, I am just in the beginnings of figuring this out. We are CR offsite, outpatient, and just went to basic BLS (I know, strange). We call 911 in an emergency. And chest compressions. I don't think we have one specific thing written down for an LVAD patient as far as policy. I know no compressions and thanks to those videos, much more about troubleshooting the LVAD. So I try and educate myself. AACVPR also has a video you can pay for regarding LVAD's, it's not too expensive, I might look into that too. :) Let me know if you end up with CLEAR policies and procedures, I'd be interested to know what they are.
  11. Curious1alwys

    Debilitating anxiety and fear of harm

    Thank you so much Alex for taking the time to reply. I think we are staffed though. Usually there are at least 3 of us but my job is defib/ALCS protocol and starting the line, pushing drugs. So, with other to help with the other components, I WILL be running the code. Anxiety comes in if I will remember ACLS protocol, recognize the rhythm, be successful with the IV, etc. I guess I will brush up and see how it unfolds. If it feels really unsafe though I will talk with my manager. I'd be gone if I didn't love the other part of the job so much. Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  12. Curious1alwys

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Congrats to you! You are doing what many of us dream of. Like the others, I struggle with nearly constant depression and anxiety when I am providing hands on care. So.....a career change is likely imminent for me, too. Curious.....for those of you that left......and found a new "career" (or job), how did you explain your exodus? Nearly everyone thinks nursing is such a gravy train that I am thinking it will be hard to explain. I'd love to move into the fitness environment but these jobs do NOT pay well and I think I will get some curious looks, lol
  13. Curious1alwys

    Debilitating anxiety and fear of harm

    Hi, I need help. 6 months ago I secured my dream job after a little over two years in nursing. It's cardiac rehab. When I was hired there was an RN manager that was present in the outpatient (offsite) facility. Right after I was hired all kinds of changes were made and now I have a different manager, NOT an RN. So basically, now, when I work outpatient, I am the only RN in the facility with a couple other exercise physiologists. We have a "code drawer" and no mock codes currently. This is making me very uncomfortable. I mean, can't sleep uncomfortable. This is not new to me. Since I began as a nurse I have had overwhelming anxiety that I am going to hurt someone from panicking. Yes, I have a history of poorly controlled anxiety. I did a year on Tele but amazingly never had my own code. So I've never been a participant and never have ran the code on my own. In this outpt facility we call 911 but the first 5 or so minutes of the code is all us....er, me. I run the show. I do have ACLS but apparently this is of little comfort to me. Cardiac rhythms look different on our monitors due to so much artifact that I am uncomfortable on the monitor too. This is all contributing to some real trepidation that if I can't get over this feeling than maybe no area of nursing is right for me. When I started it was so perfect. They started me in Phase I where I got to go all over hospital and educate patients. I am so good with people and it was literally a DREAM job since I don't care much for skills (performance anxiety) and am better at the "people" aspect of nursing. But now changes are being made that are pulling me into the outpatient area where there is no code blue or rapid response button. What do you think I should do? I mean I know I can "brush up" on all this stuff but I feel like I am going to panic no matter what plus I've never even been in a code. Hard to go to my manager and be honest without sounding like I am totally inept. But I am very good at the other aspects of job. So should I tell him I am uncomfortable and the reasons or what? I was honest in the job interview that I had never had a real code, so...... How does anyone with an anxiety disorder work in nursing? This would be all different if I had worked many codes or had worked ICU I think. I'd still be nervous, but...... Honestly, I feel dangerous and that scares me. Help!
  14. Curious1alwys

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    EXACTLY. I always say it's either us (the nurse) or them (the patients). One is going down in the end. And most nurses burn out because those that care choose them.
  15. Night shift without diff? NO WAY, lol Hospital. It will go further to count as real experience for you as it is "acute care". Don't ever take a night shift without diff, ugh. Plus, I think 8 hr shifts will suck. That's 5 days a week.
  16. Curious1alwys

    Cardiac Rehab

    Starting a new gig in this area. Wondering if all you cardiac rehab nurses out there would be willing to send me any resources you might have that may be helpful for me to learn in this new specialty. ??? Thank you!