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NRSKarenRN has 44 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

Homecare Guru & Nursing Advocate. Widow + 2 adult sons. Needlepoint addict --watch out for needle sticks.

The sky's the limit if your heart is in it. ? ATTITUDE: The Difference Between ORDEAL and ADVENTURE!!??

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair" - Shirley Chisolm

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    Antifa did it...

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    Why Black History is Important in Nursing Education

    Condolences, @Stacy Winters ---may your memories of your father sustain you. Along with understanding Black History, its important to increase numbers of Black Nursing Educators who understand and can share their ethnic background and cultural roots to educate nursing students and expand their horizons. Philadelphia Inquirer 12/23/20 Real health-care equity means diversity everywhere — including nursing school faculty | Opinion
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    Mr. Potato Head, a Mister no more.

    While watching Smerconish show today, Gallop survey released Wednesday, noted more U.S. adults are identifying as L.G.B.T., 5.6% overall with Gen X self reporting 15.9%. The advocacy of the LGBT community since late 50's/60's surely has helped to de-stigmatize persons to live as their true selves. Smerconish 2/27/21 More U.S. adults identifying as LGBT than ever before According to Gallup, the number of adults identifying as LGBT is on the rise, especially among Generation Z - those 18-23. What are the factors behind this shift, and is it generational? Gallop 2/24/21 LGBT Identification Rises to 5.6% in Latest U.S. Estimate
  5. Been an interesting character for past 30 years...continues today... 45th US President Trump statue at CPAC convention
  6. Wonderful vignettes in the Smithsonian Magazine including pictures of female physicians in native dress and scrubs, in how they are using traditional customs, including a "medicine man" and modern medicine to treat COVID patients. Karen How Navajo Physicians Are Battling the Covid-19 Pandemic
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    Mr. Potato Head, a Mister no more.

    Gender neutral gone too far -- removing "Mr and Mrs" aka male and female species. Why not just add "Potato Head" for those who desire gender neutral play. Guess, I'm not up of current children's play toys thinking, as I loved Mr Potato Heads mustache. Able to eat wax candy version as a kid....sigh, another childhood memory robbed from today's children. ---loved playing with the wax red lips too. Still available Wack-O-Wax mustache + lips --now part of the Tootsie company.
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    New Jersey Hope and Healing

    More info on New Jersey's Hope and Healing program
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    States BON differ in how fast they process applications, --always longer when deficiency first identified. Knowing which state application sent will allow our members to help you. ??
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    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    No surprise here Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob
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    Green house reburbish

    I'm lucky to have Miller Greenhouse 6 blocks away to pick up prestarted veggies, flowers, Easter lilies and Pointsetia's. Grew tomatoes in foam drink coolers so I could move around in driveway to maxamize sun exposure --like my Daddy did until backyard ground prepped for plantings. Well oldest son who was gung ho on turning over backyard plot for garden. got supplies, fencing -- but petered out after his seeded veggie plants died. Bamboo stakes held up tomato plants well in cooler. Herbs planted in clay pots by Chef son next to my parking spot still alive after our numerous snows. Adding mixed lettuces this year to my driveway garden. Enjoy your greenhouses. Consider: Fill your vegetable garden with heirloom seeds rich in Philly history Philly's Bartram's Garden founded in 1728, is the country’s oldest surviving botanic garden --heirloom seeds on sale now. Burpee Seed Co., once the nations largest seed company, in my area too. Have fun.
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    Sexually assaulted at work

    Consider contacting you EAP -Employee Assistance Program so that you can be debrifed and provided with support. An incident report should have been filed immediately along with a call to facility risk management department. DOCUMENT and move this concern up the chain of command, starting with your department manager. Take FMLA if needed, seek out options for another position if no immediate changes occur. Get back to us how your doing when you can. ((( HUG ))).
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    Asked to change my Nursing Note...

    Colleagues have offered great advice re charting PERTIENT info only--- too much can run you into legal jeopardy been my experience. Objective details of narcan not in facility belong in incident report, which SHOULD be reviewed at a Admin mtg including Administrator, ADON, DON -Quality improvement if SNF has that position too. Staff need to be educated ASAP re ekits removal what to do to obtain meds from new pharmacy. SDC = staff development coordinator / ADON= Assistant Director of Nursing -- nurses in those positions usually have access rights to all charts in a facility.
  14. There are bedrails that can be bought for a regular bed EZ Adjust rail Munchkin Toddler safety rail Be safe!
  15. 75 kg = 143 lbs in the U.S. I've used this type of washable waterproof bed pad for years for my homecare patients, including spouse to protect bed. 3 pads work for 1-2 days for chair/bed bound clients + total incontinence allowing time to wash and dry. Most families have found 34" x 36" ( 86.36cm x 91.44cm) size works well, others like larger 36" x 52". (91.44 cm x 132.08 cm). The larger size waterproof bed pad could be used as "changing pad" on top any surface bed, floor, chair. example RMS Washable Waterproof Bed Pad shown. There are hundreds of brands of adult incontinent briefs (adult diaper) for sale in the U.S. You will need to check what is sold in Korea. Three main types: a. Pull up -- good for trying to bladder train on toilet or commode; side can be ripped off to remove. b. Tabbed brief --day or night - some have reusable tabs c. Washable/reusable --snap sides Booster pads can be used to insert inside brief for overnight leaks. Use caution as can cause severe diaper rash to skin breakdown from constant wetness and urine burn. I've found womans incontinence pads work even better as a liner for men -- Use a "barrier ointment" to protect skin from excess wetness. I've found those with Zinic Oxide as ingredient work best. examples: Hope our posts help you care for you disabled son. Best wishes moving forward.
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    President Biden thread

    Learning their way around the White House diggs, sitting in on meetings ...helping to maintain the calm demeanor emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Wash. D.C