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  1. This doesn't really have anything to do with Trump's influence on conservatism...or does it? An Unusual Acapella Anthem Arrangement What key is that? The key of Q perhaps.
  2. Exactly what we did...not specifically but generally. Took care of a couple "wants/shoulds" and used it for good in my local community. We're retired, we're not in the saving portion of our lives.
  3. The disaster relief needs to be big because Trump and his devotees guaranteed us a big disaster with their lies and malfeasance during a pandemic. Surely everyone understood from the start that the party of austerity would fight extending relief to the masses. We have years of examples of republicans loving tax giveaways to the wealthiest while they obstruct relief for the working class and mom and pop businesses, so it shouldn't have been any surprise...just like it's no surprise that they are suddenly very concerned about the debt and deficits that they expanded.
  4. LOL Current events are not only historic but entertaining. Why shouldn't we discuss CPAC or Trump or the golden image of Trump at CPAC? Republicans are talking about CPAC and they're talking about Trump and they're talking about the Trump statue.
  5. It's a disaster relief bill. The media that I read addresses all of those subjects which concern you, it's too bad you've chosen such narrow media which must be forced to cover important news. Regardless, it's not either or. Now that the faucet of crap spewing from Trump social media has been slowed the coverage is less influenced by Trump's crazy antics. The important crazy doesn't get drowned out by the trivial crazy that is Trump.
  6. That's not going to happen. Trump is the most corrupt president in US history. Media will certainly cover the ongoing investigations into his very shady business practices. Congress is likely to investigate Trump's malfeasance and failures as chief executive. It's entirely possible that the twice impeached ex-president will soon be able to add indicted to his list of descriptors. Even if Trump wasn't likely to be investigated and deposed and implicated in crimes which will make him news worthy, he will be elevated and amplified by the GOP leadership. The conservative media will discuss Trump's thoughts and feelings and will pretend that Trump didn't really lose that election, that Biden cheated and Trump is the biggest victim. The plan for preventing ongoing or continued violence should include condemnation of the lies and anti-American sentiment that is currently thick within the GOP.
  7. toomuchbaloney

    Mr. Potato Head, a Mister no more.

    Of course...but it's not the facts and information "highlights" that cause the conflict, it's the violent intolerance of the facts and reality that cause the conflict.
  8. toomuchbaloney

    Mr. Potato Head, a Mister no more.

    Highlighting differences does not increase conflict. Hate, intolerance and violence plague the gay and minority communities regardless of whether or not the general public is made aware of the issues through "highlighting".
  9. toomuchbaloney

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    Maybe the person said something in the course of conversation which made the question relevant.
  10. Trying to do something for the lowest paid workers during a crisis which has disproportionately harmed the working poor certainly upsets republicans. The republicans understand that payroll taxes will go up for those folks this year and they, apparently, are not interested in giving them any financial break. This is an expected reaction from a member of the GOP now...austerity for we the people is their mantra.
  11. It was somewhat annoying to listen to republicans whine about the defensive barriers at the capitol.
  12. toomuchbaloney

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    Thank you!
  13. toomuchbaloney

    President Biden thread

    That was an interesting interpretation of words..."justified"...LOL
  14. toomuchbaloney

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    BROKEN LINK MTG brings a new and loud bit of conservative ugliness to Congress.
  15. toomuchbaloney

    President Biden thread

    But clearly @Beerman has listened to his preferred media voices and he is now quite concerned about the status of immigrant children at the border. My guess is that he hasn't really considered what the Trump policy involved compared to Biden's, he's just upset about what he's told to be upset about.
  16. toomuchbaloney

    President Biden thread

    Are you upset about children in cages all of a sudden? Did something trigger you after all these years of caging children? Do you wonder why that is getting so much amplification in the propaganda bubble right now? LOL