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    Failure. Disappointed. Embarrassed.

    I did not know that I needed "discipline" from somebody I did not know. I guess it might be generational? Concerning.
  2. So the last time I logged into this site was in 2016, it was the year I failed my last semester of nursing school. I remember getting on this site and I was complaining about a grade that the majority of the class received and despite some great nurses giving me advice the majority of the readers told me to "suck it up" and that this is "nursing" and that maybe this career was "not meant for me." I cried at work as I read the comments. I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I had to send an email in order to have the post taken down. I remembered the feeling of being shocked. That I could not believe that a community of caring individuals could make me feel so terrible. I just wanted to say that I graduated from a different program, in a different state with honors. It took me two years, a ton of patience and a lot of hard work but I did it, I graduated in May of 2020 with my ADN (GPA 3.6) and my BSN in December of 2020 (4.0). I am now at my first job on a medical-surgical unit at a Level I hospital. I am currently retaking some of my core classes in order to apply to CRNA school in the next five years. For every student that is reading this, that maybe is going through some type of personal or financial struggle, that maybe just received their first failing grade or perhaps is questioning being a nurse at all due to how challenging everything is... I want you to know that you got this. Nursing is such a unique profession and it does have a ton of love in it! Keep being positive about your journey and know that you just have to take one day at a time. Even if you just failed the entire program, that is okay too. Failure was one of my biggest lessons and one that I still keep close to my heart- we are all human, it is okay to be flawed. Resiliency is a great attribute to have and will always keep you humble. To all those negative people that commented on my original post I wanted to say that I hope you still have love in your heart. That you still are a great nurse despite wanting to bring someone down that you have no idea what they are going through. I hope you learn that the words you type through a keyboard matter. That you effect others.
  3. guest942057

    Help! ADN to BSN or MSN

    Sweet! I just checked out the West Texas A&M and that school is super legit! Thank you for the advice.
  4. guest942057

    Help! ADN to BSN or MSN

    Thank you for the advice! That is such a good idea.
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    Help! ADN to BSN or MSN

    Hello! My name is Paige and I'm 24-years-old. I'm currently attending a LPN-ADN program and I should be graduating in Dec 2016. The course is very challenging, but I have really great vibes about my completion. I finished all of the pre-requisites for OU's nursing program back in 2012, however, I applied once and didn't get in (hence that's why I went to LPN school.) I was way younger then, and even though I passed all of my classes, I only have a 2.6 GPA, I'm losing hope of what I should do when it comes to my plans after the ADN program. I've been looking at programs both in state and online for BSN and MSN and they are so competitive.. I just don't know what I should do. I'm originally from Oklahoma and I plan to move to Texas to persue my career. Also, I'm really interested in peds (nicu nursing), mid-wife or the med surge/er setting. I want to get my masters (so later on in life I can teach) so I want to complete any type of education right now while I'm younger. I'm assuming I need to get better grades so that my GPA goes up, which I'm fine with, but should I take them in Oklahoma or Texas, should I check each program and make sure my credits transfer, or should I not worry about Oklahoma or Texas schools and instead focus on online program. Should I not worry about debt (I'll be 10k in debt after completion of my ADN program)?! Should I focus on only my BSN or my masters, which would be better?!