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What’s the farthest you would be willing to commute?

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I’ve found myself in a situation where there’s no more room for advancement at my current position and my hospital is the only one in the area.?

My next dream job?is available and they’ve reached out for an interview.... but, the commute is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Too far? Not sustainable 3 days a week? Other thoughts???

Do a search. Many threads on the subject with a lot?of good info.?

Short and sweet. Done it. Hated it. Won’t ever do it again. YMMV?


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Too far, not sustainable 3 days a week, decreases morale and interrupts work life balance...but that's just how I feel. I've learned in my years that anything longer than 20 minutes is a no go for me personally, so that means I either need to move or not take that job.

NightNerd, BSN, RN

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I couldn't do it long term, but that's just me. I've had coworkers who make similar commutes that seem outrageous to me, but it?works for them. You have to think about how it'll feel making that commute if you get stuck there after your shift was supposed to end and you have to be back the next day, what it'll be like factoring in different weather events, etc. Only you can decide if those are worth it.

If you think you'd be willing to move a bit closer for your dream job, it might be worth it for a short period of time while you make preparations. Alternatively, is there anyone you can stay with between shifts, could you rent a room, etc. to cut down on commute time during a stretch of shifts?

Davey Do

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For fourteen?years, I?drove the 45-50 minutes to and from Wrongway Regional Medical Center, which was easy breezy when I was working eight hour shifts.

When I went to twelve hour shifts for the last three years of my employment at Wrongway, I was obsessed with time management, making every minute count between my three-in-a-row MN shifts.?

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That commute itself would be a job. Add 12 hours plus of nursing.? On a good day you, with the commute .. you would be working? 15 hours.? Patients do not deserve a nurse with no rest in between shifts.

If you are that bent on a new position.. you would need to relocate.

Best wishes.

CalicoKitty, BSN, RN

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3 hours (almost) per day commute is a lot. It may be "better" if the commute involved public transportation since you could spend some of that time napping or something. I already feel like I spend like 1.5 hours wondering why the car in front of me is so slow and in the left lane.... Sure, I can listen to music I enjoy, but I honestly find even stuff like learning audiobooks to distracting.? And when working, my 12 hours shifts were rarely shorter than 13 hours. So, 16 hours, barely have time to bathe, eat and sleep in between.

I think a lot depends on if you'll be doing 12s or 8s.? Plus the weather where you are and if it's on freeways how many accidents are there and how will that impact your drive? I've done an hour, usually it wasn't too bad, and as I've gotten older I've been more awake after working nights.? I couldn't have done an hour when I was young.??

CharleeFoxtrot, BSN, RN

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17 hours ago, Wuzzie said:

Do a search. Many threads on the subject with a lot?of good info.?

Short and sweet. Done it. Hated it. Won’t ever do it again. YMMV?

My longest was 80 minutes, and it sapped the life right out of me doing 3 12hours in a row. Currently I drive 50 mins one way on a good day.

I just took what will amount to a $3.00/hr pay cut to work in a clinic that is 10 mins from my home, and I am almost physically drooling over getting 5-6 hours a week back into my life.

Mine was around 2 hours depending on traffic getting out of my city. Longer if the roads were bad. It made me a zombie. I had no quality of life and it beat my car up something fierce. Wasn’t worth my sanity, my time or my money. I also quit it for??a clinic position 16 miles from my house for literally twice the salary and better bennies. It’s not nearly as exciting (although our patients are siiiiiccckkk) but excitement is overrated.?


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I had a similar commute when I worked night shifts. The traffic was so unpredictable I’d have to give myself 1.5 hours to get in for work so I wasn’t stressing about being late (and sometimes it would take close to that). I had to give myself even more time if there was Winter weather. I eventually moved closer. I’m not even willing to do a 45 minute commute anymore- 30 minutes or less is my standard.?

hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

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On 2/4/2021 at 8:37 AM, Wuzzie said:

Do a search. Many threads on the subject with a lot?of good info.?

Short and sweet. Done it. Hated it. Won’t ever do it again. YMMV?

What they said!??Now days I can practically see my work place from my house (Not really but I am walking distance). I had to go into downtown Los Angeles a couple of times last year and I took the train. A very enjoyable experience.?


Hoosier_RN, MSN

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I'm stepping back from a management role. Currently drive 1hr10min one?way. I'll be driving 10 mins tops when I go back to staff. I'm at the age where I think anything more than 30-45 mins is ridiculous. It will depend on your age, traffic, hours worked a day. I wouldn't do it. If you're young with no financial ties, move closer to new job if it's offered?